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Kendra Jackson Helms

D.O.B. – February 15

Hometown – Beaumont, TX / Asheville, NC

Favorite Genre of Music – Heavy Metal

Favorite Bands – Queen, Judas Priest, Journey , Toto



Kendra Jackson Helms became indoctrinated into the music scene at a very young age through her family who toured with some of the world’s biggest bands.  Often spending summers visiting them on the road Kendra got to see the other side of how things were done in the industry and one thing she often saw was a disconnect between the bands, their management, and their road crew often resulting in some bad business decisions.  Of course being young and naïve she couldn’t understand how a band’s Manager, who is hired to look after the band’s best interests, could intentionally make bad business decisions and by witnessing these things from the band’s prospective she was able to see the negative affects on the band.  

Kendra always knew that she wanted to work in the music industry and always said “Once I am a manager I will always look out for and protect any band that I am managing and make sure their best interests are looked after and make sure they are taking care of themselves and only employ people who feel the same way”.  Of course her parents were not thrilled at the prospect of her working in the music industry and tried in vain to keep her away from the industry and for a time, while she was in college majoring in Accounting, it looked like they were getting their wish.  

After a few years in the corporate world Kendra knew she wasn’t happy and wasn’t following her heart so she decided to leave the security of the corporate world.  Jumping in with both feet she began her career in the music industry by working as a “Merch Girl”  and working her way up until she had a firm grasp and knowledge of each individual job as part of a “Touring Crew”. 

Kendra’s desire to constantly learn new things pushed her to study and research other issues associated with Artist Management and once she had a reasonable and practical understanding of the ever changing music industry and everything involved with properly being responsible for an artist’s career she made another change.  In 2009 Kendra decided to focus solely on Band/Artist Management and Publicity and started KENDRA HELMS MEDIA.  

Since forming her company she has worked hard to secure the necessary industry contacts required to be a competitive management firm.  By limiting the number of clients she works with she is able to follow the promise she always made, to look after and protect the best interests of the artists”.

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